Commute Design

Commute Design

Toronto, Canada

Established in 1999, Commute Home is an interdisciplinary design firm that creates stimulating, intelligent and soulful environments and products. We decided in the early days that we did not want to open boxes for a living. We didn’t want to compromise our clients’ environment or brand vision because we were at the mercy of having to specify a ready-made product.

We wanted to create spaces that cater to all 5 senses.

All of our products, lighting and installations are designed in-house and made locally. This allows us to cater to the specific needs of our clients. Our passion is for compelling, thoughtful design, and our strength is an ability to provide unique solutions that extend well beyond the predictable.

Commute leads a talented team that lives and breathes design. We get inspired by doing good work for good clients. We are humble and individual in our approach, as we believe that it directly translates to a space. We believe a space should never be dumbed down. We provide environments that you can feel in, and environments with feeling. We don’t seek the limelight; the space is not about the designer, it’s about the end user. This has provided us the opportunity to build a special network of subcontractors including woodworkers, metal workers, photographers, graphic designers, upholsterers , pickers, antique dealers and contractors. Without them, we wouldn’t be us.


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