• //3877

    • Washington, D.C.

    //3877 focuses on single family, as well as multiple-unit residential, commercial, restaurant and automotive projects. In seeking success while working with...

  • 370 studio

    • Warsaw, Poland

    We are an interdisciplinary design studio gathering architects and graphic designers, whose creative passion has always exceeded one single industry....

  • 81font

    • Budapest, Hungary

    81font is a Budapest based group of like-minded architects and interior designers founded in 2006, by Péter Szendrő DLA.

  • A8000

    • Prague, Czech Republic

    Martin Krupauer and Jiri Stritecky established A8000 in 1989 driven by a desire to build with maximum creative and work...

  • ADR

    • Prague, Czech Republic

    The ADR is Architectural studio founded by Ales Lapka and Petr Kolar, the architects, which provides a wide range of...

  • AK-A

    • Athens, Greece

    AK-A is an Athens-based multidisciplinary design studio that works across the fields of architecture, interior, exhibition and furniture design. We...

  • AKZ Architectura

    • Kiev, Ukraine

    AKZ Architectura is a team of independent engineers. Our focus –urban environments formation through commercial and social spaces. We embark...

  • Amit Design Studio

    • Tel Aviv, Israel

    Amit studio is a boutique design studio specializing in interior design, furniture and graphic design.

  • Anonima Opifici

    • Castellaneta, Italy

    Anonimous Opifici is a studio dealing with communication, architecture, design, web and photography.

  • APPAREIL architecture

    • Montréal, Canada

    APPAREIL architecture is a Montreal-based firm whose mission is to design quality residential and commercial environments for its occupants. Our...

  • Architecture bureau DA

    • St. Petersburg, Russia

    Architecture bureau DA is a young team from St. Petersburg, Russia, which has implemented about 80 projects in the field...

  • ARCHPOINT bureau

    • Moscow, Russia

    We create and decorate haute cuisine restaurants and cottages, golf-clubs and representative offices, shops and five-star hotels. ARCHPOINT corporate group...