boq architekti designs contemporary bar counter for the National Theatre in Prague

boq architekti designs contemporary bar counter for the National Theatre in Prague

  • Array Tereza

  • 3 months ago

Creative duo and founders of boq architekti, Miroslav Stach and Jana Stachova, completed the bar counter for the National Theatre, the representative stage of the Czech Republic and the alma mater of the Czech Opera. The counters are placed in a foyer of a building, that was first opened in 1881 and in 1883 for the second time when it was funded from a nationwide collection after a devastating fire. The theatre was designed by Josef Zitek a Josef Schulz in the Neo-renaissance style and it is one of the most important architectural monuments in the Czech Republic until today.

“Project brief was to design a contemporary object for the main foyer and the foyer of the first gallery: bar counters, as communal objects, meeting points that complement the social life during the theatrical performances, from which to serve refreshments. The objects reflect contemporary design in its form but simultaneously employs materials that correspond and adequately fit into the historic interior of the building as not to attract excessive attention upon itself; simple functional form, calculated finite material use.  A simple brass frame with an inserted marble cuboid is topped with a glass cooled counter display. The whole form is set on a dark inset pedestal that creates the sense of lightness and levitation. Every bar counter is mobile, which enables variability for a spectrum of events. In addition to the glass display counters, refreshments can be kept in the available cooled storage,” explains Jana Stachova