Paum Family Completed Banshiki, Cozy Restaurant in St. Petersburg

Banshiki is a spacious restaurant situated on the first and second floors of the famous Degtyarny Baths (steamrooms) in St. Petersburg.  Its interior, completed by interior design team Paum Family, creates the atmosphere of a cozy countryhouse.

“The interior of the guest hall on the first floor is soft, slightly darkened, inviting to relax after (or before?) bath procedures. It was created at the junction of several directions, by inter-corporation of elements of different styles. The relaxed atmosphere and attention to comfort makes it related to the interiors of mountain chalets which have similar cozy spirit. It is rather a cozy country house, where traditional motives that inevitably arose from the brave definition of “Russian cuisine” are more readable. They are served not directly, but flirting with the guest, in their “architectural” arrangement – these are massive oak portals, and wooden panels with a “sword” (referring to the traditional domed roof), and embroidery with a “cross” on metal nets. Archaism is supported by decorative filling – samovars, jugs and firewood. At the same time, there are many elements of the 20th century: furniture in the style of the 50’s, a lot of veneer, floral wallpaper, crystal sconces, round tables with a tablecloth, living houseplants – a collective image somewhat reminiscent of an eclectic imprint of a rapidly changing century. A welcoming open bar with a vintage counter gives a drop of aristocracy, and handmade fringed chandeliers brought from London are a perfect trophy during times of scarcity. The almanac of various layers of the Soviet era runs through all the halls of the restaurant. The most elegant hypostasis embodied in the interior of the hall of the second floor. It continues in the combination of traditional motifs and elements of the 20th century, but now through the prism of the “rich dining room” of post-revolutionary time: windows to the floor framed by heavy velvet curtains with hooks, artistic parquet, hand-made buffets with crystal tableware, a fireplace with a vintage dressing table, wallpaper with ornament, massive crystal chandeliers. The end wall of the hall is decorated with hand-embroidered linen fabric panels. The interior is solemn, festive, tables with snow-white tablecloths and elegant serving. A little distance on the second floor is a study. According to prof. Preobrazhensky, there should be many rooms in the house that perform only the functions assigned to them: sleep in the bedroom, eat only in the dining room, and work in the study. The space is intended for private events and is functionally divided into three zones – a dining room, a recreation area and a fireplace area with a library,” explained Paum Family

  • Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 6,000 square feet
  • Design: Paum Family
  • Designer: Polina Masiianskaia, Anna Philippova
  • Photos: Sergey Melnikov
First floor


Second floor
Hand-embroidered linen fabric panels

“Rich” dining room