Mecanismo Created Innovative yet Intimate Space For Ardoka Vinoteka

Ardoka is a vinoteka (wine bar) and restaurant located on the Ponzano Street, a gastronomic and trendy area of Madrid. The philosophy of Ardoka is the proximity of the cuisine to the customers, combining a traditional cuisine, at the same time innovative, with the presence of the pintxo (a small snack, typically eaten in traditional bars in northern Spain) as a starting point, without forgetting its combination with great wines, carefully selected for every occasion. The interior was designed by Madrid-based architectural studio mecanismo.

“By reusing traditional elements and materials from Spanish bar typology, called ‘castiza’, and the careful execution of details, an innovative yet intimate space has been created, delivering a unique culinary experience. Using the traditional elements from the Madrid canteens, we could create a basement dominated by a large central table in birch wood, creating a direct relationship with the cook. A ceramic granite provides an exceptionally attractive and hardwearing façade. We refer to the canteen as a model of traditional establishment in Spain, a concept that permits reinterpretation and allows us to abstract the idea, by reallocating the table which is characteristic and peculiar. A boiserie made out of birch wood has been built on a panel, solving the space for the furniture. The functional elements have been surrounded by a brick wall, originally from the brick wall of the building itself and floor, all of which creates a unique and distinctive innovative atmosphere. The lower floor has a different use since the culinary experience is based in the traditional Spanish gastronomy txoko. Indeed, the protagonist in this floor is the central birch wood table in which all the activity takes place. In one of the extremes of the table there is a space where the cook is able to talk to the guests as well as prepare the meal. At the other extreme of the table guests are able to seat such as it’s the case on the txokos, people come together to cook, experiment with new ways of cooking, eat and socialize. The table was built in order to allow this relationship between the cook and the guest as well as giving the cook the opportunity to work by building some additional space on the side of the main central table as well as creating a bar,” said mecanismo

  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 1,000 square feet
  • Design: mecanismo
  • Authors: Marta Urtasun, Pedro Rica
  • Photos: Javier Bravo
Entrance and bar
Bar seating and high stools

Lower floor
Central birch wood table