Creneau International uses “college” elements at café interior in Brussels

Creneau International uses “college” elements at café interior in Brussels

  • Array Tereza

  • 7 months ago

Coffee College is a cozy coffee spot situated in a beautiful corner house in Brussels. In a city packed with students and the university around the corner, the idea was clear – an accessible coffee bar where especially students will be more than welcome. The interior was designed by Belgian interior design and branding agency Creneau International with branch office in Dubai.

“Before looking at the interior design, the brand identity was thoroughly examined. While maintaining the Coffee College concept, the feel was subtly shifted. In Antwerp and Leuven a youthful American University vibe is rising. In Brussels this energy was translated into a college about coffee, aiming to reach a broader audience. We developed a more refined logo and combined it with an expanded colour palette. The full design looks more soothing and mature, still it doesn’t compromise its’ youthfulness. The interior triggers that same feeling, hinting towards the characteristic lab rooms of old universities. The result is a fresh translation of the current concept in Antwerp and Leuven. Cosy working tables, a warm colour palette, cool vintage school chairs, cheeky quotes and rugged wooden details. Coffee College Brussels became a very accessible coffee bar where everyone feels at home. Coffee college wants to offer its visitors a moment to recharge their energy. This could entail a great coffee on the go, sipping some brew while reading a newspaper or continuing your work with some much-needed caffeine. That’s why the bar is divided in three zones that each have their own measure of ‘hustle’. The first and most lively zone of our ‘college’ is focused on take out. The second zone is more of a cosy coffee café while the zone in the back is the most calm, providing the right environment to get some work done,” says Creneau International

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