Atelier 8000 Designs Modern Urban Interior for Fresherie Bistro in Prague

The Fresherie Bistro is a pilot concept for the chain of urban bistros, located in City Green Court office complex in Prague, Czech Republic. The menu offers all-day fresh-food catering concept featuring a bakery, a patiserie, and an Italian deli store. The bistro interior was designed by Czech architectural studio Atelier 8000.

“Design for other restaurants of the future chain was defined in the first project – easy to remember, with elements that would repeat in the following venues, corresponding with the culinary concept. The interior design introduces a pleasant atmosphere of an urban bistro where one can have a break during a workday. Accordingly, the colours and materials match this concept – simple lines of black metal elements complemented with solid wood. Monochromatic colours let fresh flower arrangements that are part of the design and an important style-setting element shine out. Dark wall colours together with selected lights introduce a pleasant atmosphere for evening gatherings. The spatial design uses pronounced elements established by the construction and, at the same time, offers several types of seating. There are a sizeable bar table and seats placed next to the large shop window looking out to the street. Flower decorations are integrated into the table. Higher tables with a bench are positioned to provide excellent views to the entire room, and higher seats close the interior space. Standard dining tables are separated by flower decorations,” explained Atelier 8000

Simple lines and materials
Coffee bar

Floral decoration divide space
Various types of seating