A Tour of The Opetit Café in St. Petersburg

A Tour of The Opetit Café in St. Petersburg

  • Array Tereza

  • 10 months ago

Opetit Café is a chic pastry shop located in St. Petersburg, Russia. Behind the café idea is the pastry chef and mastermind of Opetit Kateryna Ananyeva. She was looking for a partner who would share her passion for this sophisticated dining project and she found it in designer Daryana Mamotenko – a true connoisseur of a France and French style interiors.

“We came up with the concept quickly; it is based on the style of contemporary Parisian cafés. Only a few bright elements but more interesting solutions. The emphasis was made upon the following: a large fireplace portal with a mirror in the center of the main hall, the bar, the chandelier and the “elevator shaft” right at the entrance. The monochromatic colors of the interior design were not chosen by accident. The cafe has one large room and tall ceilings. Huge windows create a feeling of air and space, and we wanted to maintain and enhance this natural effect. It is a great luck to find such premises in St. Petersburg! We unanimously decided not to have curtains on the windows, painted the walls white, had staircase leading to the second level remain as open as possible, and emphasized the steps with black edging. The interior is based on the classic designs. The wall decor features moldings. The ceiling has a mesh imitating the espalier of the Jardin du Luxembourg. The bar is covered with tiles laid out in a floorboard pattern. A Chairs by Tolix, the famous brand, on the second level are a well-known model created by French designer Xavier Pauchard. The grille at the entrance is a tribute to the open elevator shafts of the old Parisian buildings, and so are the small round tables by the window. The placement of the furniture and its selection took a lot of time. The task was to make arrangements for convenient logistics of moving around the place for guests and staff. Versatile furniture contributes to the sophisticated impression created, and makes it easier for the guests to choose their favorite places based on their personal preferences. Two sofa groups with chairs, a cozy table in the corner by the fireplace, square tables for two in the center (which can be put together if necessary), small tables along the windows for dreamers, a large table for 12 people on the balcony. The two bathrooms are in black, with a mirror on the wall, and French literature is heard from the speakers; the doors have a simple geometric pattern, there is a small fireplace portal (this was legacy), and, of course, there are illuminated ceilings with the fragments of a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir,” said Daryana Mamotenko

  • Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Date completed: 2016
  • Size: 1,300 square feet
  • Design: Daryana Mamotenko + architecturalworkshop D12
Style of contemporary Parisian cafés
Fireplace portal with a mirror
“Elevator shaft” at the entrance
Stairs leading to the second level
Black bathroom