A Tour of The No. 19 Café in Melbourne

No. 19 is a welcoming café secured by husband-and-wife team Domenic and Diana Caruso in Ascot Vale, five kilometres north-west of Melbourne’s CBD. Their idea was for a refined but “door’s always open” venue that would set a new standard for casual dining – a dynamic addition to Melbourne’s much-loved café culture. The concept was completed by Melbourne-based creative studio Biasol.

“Spanning both interiors and branding, our concept was an elegant, timeless space inspired by the Greek delicatessens that flourished around Melbourne in the 1950s. Located in a busy shopping strip, the site offered a promising starting point – 4,5-metre ceilings, skylights that flood the space with natural light, and a deep rectangular footprint. At the heart of the space, a concrete service counter is accented with beautiful hand-painted green and teal tiles from Morocco that trace along the splashback and wrap around the front of the bar. Warm brass elements – arching custom-designed countertop lamps and a slender foot rail – reinforce the venue’s refined aesthetic. Behind the bar, display shelving made from white tubular steel hosts pockets of greenery from Loose Leaf. Timber-topped tables with banquette seating and Pedrali chairs run the length of the space. At intervals, lightweight steel framing with in-built lighting becomes a sculptural element, providing a sense of intimacy without breaking up the café’s openness. Upholstery enhances the pared-back mood of the space – a lush teal for the banquette and a composition of grey, pink and classic houndstooth for the wall-mounted bolster. Toward the rear of the space, the semi-open kitchen is surrounded by some of the best seats in the house – a concrete bench traces around it, with Afteroom high stools from Menu catching a glimpse of the activity. At the front of the café, a custom-designed bench with timber tabletops offers street-side dining. We considered the configuration of this seating carefully, to ensure a strong visual connection between diners outside and the energy within. In a similar way, the alcove by the door was tailored to accommodate orders to go. A key priority in this project was to develop a strong relationship between the interior design and the brand itself. Every element – from the menus and coasters to the deli paper and crockery – has been carefully conceived, reflecting our integrated approach,” explained Biasol

  • Location: Ascot Vale, Melbourne, Australia
  • Date completed: 2016
  • Size: 2000 square feet
  • Design: Biasol
  • Photos: Ari Hatzis
Concrete service counter

Countertop lamp
Slender foot rail
Banquette seating
Lightweight steel framing
Semi-open kitchen
Concrete bench, Afteroom high stools

Alcove by the door
Bathroom door