A Look Inside Agnes Cupcake Store in Copenhagen

Agnes is a sophisticated cupcake store based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Cupcakes are designed to possess a sense of elegance and luxury, an experience to be savoured, enjoyed and remembered. The Agnes star, created as part of the visual identity, sits on top of the cupcakes as an iconic and edible design element. The whole design concept was created by Copenhagen-based studio Johannes Torpe Studios.

“Focus was put on the creation of a decadent yet minimalistic store environment. We wanted to bring full attention to the cupcakes themselves whilst creating a luxurious shopping experience for the customers. High quality materials were chosen; metal and marble juxtaposed with warm wood and subtle details like marble polished walls were added to create an elegant, exclusive space that was also inviting and comfortable. A custom-made porcelain product range was additionally designed specifically for Agnes Cupcakes. These ‘pedestals’ for the cupcakes emphasize the luxurious experience of the brand and add a final touch to the holistically considered cupcake experience. The graphics and colour scheme were designed to compliment yet accentuate the design of the cupcakes; creating the total “Agnes experience”. The packaging of the cupcakes is an essential part of this; designed to add another level to the experience of the brand during purchase and consumption. The outsides of the boxes possess a two-toned striped pattern with a matte finish, while the insides have contrasting bright, lacquered solid Pantone colours like orange and magenta. The design is created to be initially subtle and simplistic, with a powerful vibrancy experienced in the act of opening the box, which enhances the feeling of self-indulgence,” explained Johannes Torpe Studios

  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Date completed: 2011
  • Design: Johannes Torpe Studios
  • Creative director: Johannes Torpe
  • Project leader: Mikkel Bøgh
Metal, marble and wood

Menu board
Dining area