Inside Het Groot Verzet Café in Belgium

Inside Het Groot Verzet Café in Belgium

  • Array Tereza

  • 10 months ago

Het Groot Verzet is a genuine “cycloholic” café located in Deinze, Belgium. Starting point of Gent-Wevelgem, cycling brand De Groene Leeuw and Tour de France winner Lucien Buysse – that’s only a few of the city’s assets. ‘Het Groot Verzet’, or ‘the high gear’ in English, pays tribute to its cycling home. The interior was completed by Belgian interior design and branding agency Creneau International with branch office in Dubai.

“AB Inbev came knocking at our door for the design of a new café downstairs to Deinze’s city hall. We shifted gears and came up with a grand overall concept. Yes, you got that right: Gent-Wevelgem does not start in Gent but at Deinze’s main square. The course of this Belgian cycling classic is immortalized in a striking wall graphic in the new café. The route is strung together with bicycle chains and cogs, a real conversation starter in the seating area. The bar is the true showpiece in this cycling café. The wooden counter of the bar is finished as a cycling track, the bar is lined with stitched-in rubber, making it look like bicycle wheels. Ringing the bicycle bell will cost you a tournée génerale, drinks for everyone! Wondering what’s up with the huge tanks on top of the bar? There is only one answer: BEER! The Jupiler Flagship Café offers a tanqué as it should be, a beer straight from the tank. While our bicycle, uhm project, was running smoothly, we went down to the local bicycle store looking for decorations. As by a miracle, the owner happened to be a collector of advertising panels that were used at cycling competitions in the olden days. These panels bring a feel of authenticity to the business. ‘Het Groot Verzet’, or ‘the high gear’ in English, would not be a Jupiler Flagship Café without a Jupiler wall. By adding cycling saddles and handlebars to the shield from the logo, we create both the shapes of a bull and a trophy. LED strips in the colours of the rainbow jersey, lamps made out of cogwheels or hung by bicycle chains – attention is paid to each and every detail. We took the branding of Het Groot Verzet upon us as well. For the logo, we transformed a font to a logo script that perfectly captures the feel of the big cycling events. The shield – inspired by the classic bicycle head badges – and the stylized icon of a bull’s head are direct references to the original Jupiler logo. The tricolour palette is a prominent link to the olden days of cycling, where it was present on jerseys and bicycle frames. We used the palette in a subtle manner and integrated it not only in the windows, bar and tables, but also on the beer tanks,” explained Creneau International

Cycling track on the wooden counter
Detail of a beer tank
Dining area
Detail of a table top