A Tour of The Hive Lunch Bar in Belgium

The Hive is a lunch bar and a co-working space located in the centre of business park Pegasus in Diegem, a town in the municipality of Machelen, Belgium. This kiosk space was designed by Belgian interior design and branding agency Creneau International with branch office in Dubai.

“A beehive might be the perfect metaphor for all that city life entails. Teamwork, hierarchies, winding roads and organised chaos. A structure that never sleeps, full of possibilities and interactions. We incorporated this idea into the design of the space, both in a literal and a more figurative way. In the complete design you’ll find playful street elements, from traffic signs to road markings. The space is divided into corners where some great food can be enjoyed and some constructive meetings can be held. A centre where you can find good conversation as well as some privacy. An area that serves as an extension of the free flow restaurant in the afternoon, functions as a co-working space throughout the day. Teams, colleagues or lone wolfs that grew tired of the dull office floors can escape to work, meet or relax here. Working together is stimulated as it’s so much more enjoyable in the Hive. Feel like some palm trees might lift you up or in need of some contemplation in blue? Each seating compartment has its own character to make your working day more interesting. Other seating options include a lounge in the back and a communal working table in front,” explained Creneau International

Dining area

Communal table and restaurant booths
Colorful booths

Banquette seating
Bar tables and stools
Counter bar
Cooling display counter
Menu board