A Tour of The Breadway Bakery in Odessa

Breadway is a bakery and café situated in the heart of Odessa, Ukraine. The venue offers breakfasts and lunches as well as bakery products. The project was designed by Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina.

“We were tasked with creating an inviting, memorable space. We decided to use a palette of contrasting bright colors and textures. Space is divided into three parts according to their function. A deep-blue take-away zone, a waiting zone which is located in the center of space in a pink box designed specially for this task, and light-grey zone, where you can stay for a croissant with a cup of cappuccino. The bakery features high ceilings and large windows. To emphasize the amount of light, we used glossy tiles by Ceramica Bardelli, and to emphasize the height of ceilings, we designed custom-made chandeliers. Built-in furniture, tables, and sofas were also designed specially for this project,” explained Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina

  • Location: Odessa, Ukraine
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Size: 914 square feet
  • Design: Artem Trigubchak, Lera Brumina
  • Photos: worth.agency
  • Photos: Mikhail Loskutov
Palette of contrasting bright colors and textures
Deep-blue take-away zone

Pink box

Light-grey zone
Detail of a banquette seating
Glossy tiles