A Peek Inside Bana Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Bana is a vegan restaurant based at the heart of the ‘White City’, a collection of over 4,000 buildings built in a unique form of the Bauhaus in Tel Aviv. Bana serves an ever-changing menu that’s powered solely and completely by plants. The interior was designed by a boutique design studio Amit Design Studio.

“We were briefed about this kitchen with a keyword: “Plant-based”; namely, a health-food kitchen based on veg and plants, yet with an added value: “a fete”. The chefs’ rich experience has yielded outmost elegance and healthy recipes, seductively lush in their sensual appeal. The core belief of this kitchen is: ‘”Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food”’; thus, the interior design is inspired by a sense of pharmaceutical pursuit, a conceptuality leading off to a new kind of Veganism. While embracing the intrinsic qualities of the space, the high ceiling, the large windows, all of the materials used are strictly organic; wood, marble or living plants. The color scheme is specifically guided by the ‘super-foods’; for example, Aloe-vera and Spirulina for green, fruity peel for pink, cacao etc. This remodelled space benefits from a long central worktop and bar; it is cladded in Granite marble, while above it hung a pink metal net basket, enriched by a plentiful of plants – a ‘green garden’ – a metaphoric display for ‘the source’ of the recipes. The high openings of this space create a harmonious in/out sensation. The wooden windows are kept authentic and have been painted pink, while the original brick walls have been painted in light grey. The walls are dressed with pink grids used as assorted shelves in various lengths and heights, thus inspiring a reference to a pharmaceutical ‘drug-store’ past. They are used to display the ‘raw materials’, the original ingredients of Bana’s recipes. Thanks to their natural qualities, these ingredients offer a surprising versatility in continually changeable display. They become a platform for expressing the diversity and the creativity, while celebrating aesthetics and flavors embedded in a twist of humor. Bana’s design is ‘light hearted’, yet elegant and inviting; it is simple yet meticulous and even mischievous in its spirit; a refreshing synergy of interior design and the next recipe on offer,” said Amit Design Studio

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 775 square feet
  • Design: Amit Design Studio
  • Photos: Amit Geron
“Super-foods'” color scheme

Long central worktop and bar
Pink metal net basket
Bar stools
Dining area
Wooden windows