Inside De Wandelaar Restaurant in Haarlem

De Wanderaar is a restaurant based in the centre of Haarlem, Netherland. The interior was designed by Anja Hesp, interior designer and owner of Ijzersterk Interieurontwerp.

“The space was in need of a modernization. The owners wanted both floors to be redone without closing the restaurant. My core idea was to keep the romantic atmosphere of an old space (built around 1890/1900) intact and enhance the interior with new furniture, colors and light. A new modern lighting had to be installed in the whole restaurant, but we kept three beautiful, antique chandeliers. Some part of walls were covered with a sophisticated wallpaper made by artist Ellie Cashman. This gave a depth to the wall at the backside of the restaurant. Original tiles near the stove were kept though the woodwork was made a few shade lighter. The custom-made bar was given new colours. The top desk was lightly stained and the support was painted black to fit in with the colour palette. This way, the whole restaurant abound with lighter character. The second floor has a very distinct character with the original wooden ceiling, therefore we decided not to change too much. The floor was painted white and the wallpaper was added. The curtains were replaced by wooden shutters made on size. The large table and new chairs make this space great for larger groups or meeting sessions,” explained Anja Hesp

Romantic atmosphere of an old space
Old chandelier
Wallpaper made by artist Ellie Cashman

Custom-made bar
Detail of a stove

Second floor