Inside Le Crepe da Pia Creperie in Galicia

Le Crepe da Pia is a creperie based in Galicia, Spain, serving home-made fresh crepes. The design was completed by design and architecture firm Erbalunga estudio.

“Our client wanted to create a creperie in an established area of the city with the concept “Take Away” where customers, if they desired, could purchase and consume the product whilst walking in the old medieval part of the city, as an alternative to the arrangement of seating in the creperie’s limited dimensions. To emphasize this concept we opted to utilize and showcase the window area with direct view from the street, so visual contact was established and passers-by can see frying of crepes. Our goal was not to overload a small space, that’s why we used clear tones and a palette of reduced materials. The final perception of the customer should be “a local urban fast and welcoming food outlet”, where the product is highly visible and accessible to passers-by with a clear message of product,” said Erbalunga estudio

Street view
Clear tones
Seating area
Bar seating

Detail of logo