A Tour of The Finefood Restaurant in Stockholm

Finefood is a restaurant and coffee shop based in the Stockholm’s neighborhood Hammarby Sjöstad – a trendy new area, where the City has imposed tough environmental requirements on buildings, technical installations and the traffic environment, from day one. The establishment serves well cooked everyday food and pastries. The interior was completed by Note Design Studio.

“For this interior we were inspired by a beautiful photo series of the misty Death Valley by Jordan Sullivan, capturing the subtle variation and soft color changes of daylight that turns the harsh landscape into a poetic, inspiring place. One of the challenges designing the place is the fact it being a mix of a café, lunch restaurant and bistro. It must work just as well serving breakfast at 7am in the morning as serving beer 7pm in the evening. As a Swedish design studio leaning on our minimalistic heritage, we created a clean, soft space with a calm, inviting color palette. The base of the interior is a custom made herringbone tile floor representing the rich gray scales of rocks and mountains. The color palette – ranging from the deep green marble to various nuances of pale green and turquoise with contrasting salmon red and peach – are a direct translation of the colorful variations of the natural light in the mountains.The materials are typical Scandinavian such as light ash wood, brass and natural leather except for the Green Guatemala marble used some part of the design. Tables, sofas and shelves are specially designed for this project giving it its own unique identity,” said Note Design Studio

Clean, soft space
Calm, inviting color palette
Custom made herringbone tiles
Reccurent marble material
Dining area
Dining area
Communal table

Detail of a table