A Tour of The Tymianek Family Cafe in Poznan

Tymianek (ang. “Thyme”) is a family cafe, located in Poznan, Poland that was made with only one purpose – to create a a friendly space for children. The interior was designed by Polish studio mode:lina.

“The architects had only one purpose during the design process – to create a friendly space for children… and of course for their parents! Tymianek is a multifunctional space including cafe, shop, workshop and certainly a playground, all of this on 85 square feet of area. The central point of the place is kitchen, where meals are being prepared before parents eyes specially for their kids. Large kitchen island is in fact a combination of three different functions – place for preparing meals, small kitchen intended for children’s games and boxes filled with countless number of toys. The natural consequence of combining a large variety of functions was setting up the comfort zones via wooden booths and creating a relevant acoustic conditions – therefore, there is a special upholstering on the walls, which functions as an acoustic panel. However, the principal function of the cafe, is that children are before parents eyes during meals – gaps in the walls in the shape of houses serve this particular purpose exquisitely. They are also a perfect addition to children’s games!”

  • Location: Poznan, Poland
  • Size: 915 square feet
  • Design: mode:lina
The central point of the place – kitchen
Small kitchen for children’s games
Upholstering on the walls works as an acoustic panel.
Gaps in the walls in the shape of houses
Gaps in the walls in the shape of houses
Idea of the concept