An Inside Look At Winter Fables Cake Shop

An Inside Look At Winter Fables Cake Shop

  • Array Tereza

  • 1 year ago

Winter Fables is a small cake shop located in the tourist center of Russian city Kolomna, about 100 miles from Moscow. The interior of the store in a wooden house from 18th century was designed by Moscow A.T.O. studio.

“Customers respectfully treated the history of the house, so it has been renovated, retaining almost original appearance. The main objective was to convey the home comfort and Russian atmosphere, but with a modern approach, and almost without changing the material of the walls and ceiling, with a careful attitude towards the building. In this project, the following techniques were applied: open colored electrical wiring, ceramic glazed tiles (customised), designer lamps, historic-style furniture.” says Ekaterina and Alexey from A. T. O. studio.

  • Location: Kolomna, Russia
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 861 square feet
  • Design: A. T. O. studio
Winter Fabels4
Interior respects the original appearance
Winter Fabels1
Open colored electrical wiring above the bar
Winter Fabels3
Customised ceramic glazed tiles
Winter Fabels5
Designer lamps
Winter Fabels6
Historic-style furniture