A Tour of ChiChi 4U’s Burger Bar in Poznan

ChiChi 4U, a burger bistro that offers food for burger and Belgian fries lovers, recently hired interior design firm mode:lina to redesign their space in Poznan, Poland.

“This is a second spot branded with ChiChi 4U logo. First one is a well known black shipping container located in the middle of TU campus in Poznan. Owner’s decision to maintain recognisable raw and industrial aesthetics led the designers to pick black corrugated steel. The black corrugate steel covered most of the walls. Raw feeling has been been mellowed by wooden elements and plants. The steel except for its purely decorative value brings in some extra functionality as a durable and washable surface. In addition steel sheets allowed a quick adaptation of the old walls and electrical layout. Suspended ceiling made of black steel mesh reveals silver technical ducts expand the raw and industrial atmosphere of the place. To give this rugged interior some homely and warm touch the floor has been covered with carpet-shaped patterned tiles. Black interior with some red splashes refers to brand’s visual identity”, says mode:lina

  • Location: Poznan, Poland
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 968 square feet
  • Design: mode:lina

Seating area